Why Motorway Lessons?

Driving on a Motorway differs from driving on ordinary roads in that traffic moves faster and puts a greater demand on a Drivers skill and overall awareness. Although Motorways are statistically safer than other roads, when travelling at Motorway speeds a Driver needs to be more alert and be able to make safe and sensible decisions much earlier than on normal roads.

A Motorway may have three, four or more lanes, and Drivers must be especially aware of the importance of their use and function. To a newly qualified Driver the Motorway may appear daunting and beyond their capabilities but Systematic Instructors are experts in this field and will build up your Motoring skills to the high standard necessary enabling you to drive on the Motorway with safety and confidence.

Motorway Lessons Covermotorway

  1. Condition of the Vehicle before Driving on a Motorway
  2. Condition of the Motorway, Weather and Volume of Traffic
  3. Motorway Signs and Signals
  4. Forward Planning and the Effective Judgement of Speed
  5. Joining the Motorway
  6. motorway driving
  7. Leaving the Motorway
  8. Night Driving on a Motorway (Optional)
  9. Seeing and Being Seen
  10. Early and Effective All Round Observation
  11. Defensive Driving
  12. Making Progress
  13. Overtaking
  14. Lane Discipline
  15. Changing Lanes
  16. Emergencies on the Motorway

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Motorway Courses

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